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Gun Policy News, 17 January 2002


17 January 2002

Seattle Times, Editorial

Every year, gun dealers peddle their wares at an estimated 60 gun shows in Washington — bazaars that sometimes provide easy one-stop shopping for people who should not have access to guns. Law-abiding citizens buy from licensed dealers who conduct background checks. But criminals, wife beaters and the mentally unstable may be drawn to tables at the same gun shows marked private sale. A legal loophole allows unlicensed, private sellers to sell without background... (

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17 January 2002

Wichita Eagle

State and federal officials challenged the accuracy of a report issued Wednesday that claimed an inadequate system of criminal background checks allowed 10,000 felons to buy guns over the past three years. State and federal officials challenged the accuracy of a report issued Wednesday that claimed an inadequate system of criminal background checks allowed 10,000 felons to buy guns over the past three years. The report by Americans for Gun Safety, a not-for-profit... (

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17 January 2002

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Opposition spokesman Masket Iangalio yesterday alleged firearms are being smuggled into the Highlands by leaders and prominent people. However, he charged that the police have the reports of these firearm smuggling but have not done anything about them. They always try to do something when the firearms are in actions, Mr Iangalio said. Assistant Police Commissioner Tony Wagambie who has been the Highlands commander said people like Mr Iangalio must be prepared to... (

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17 January 2002

BBC News

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is calling on the public to join the fight against the spate of drug-related shootings in the city. Operation Trident, the Scotland Yard unit which tackles black on black crime, has dealt with 25 shootings in the first 15 days of 2002 — nearly two a day. Last year, 21 black men lost their lives in 17 shootings. All the suspects were other black men. Mr Livingstone fears London will slide the same way as inner-city areas in the US, with... (

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17 January 2002

Washington Post

Nearly 10,000 convicted felons and others who were prohibited from buying guns passed background checks and obtained firearms after dozens of states did not adequately automate background check records, according to a new study. The report by the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation, a gun policy group, found that 25 states automated less than 60 percent of their felony conviction records. Thirty-three states have not automated any of the records of people who have been... (

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17 January 2002

Indianapolis Star (Indiana)

Last year, 4,600 more people in Indiana were licensed to pack heat than in 2000. But according to a new national study by a gun safety organization, some of those new Hoosier gun owners probably should have been holstered. The Americans for Gun Safety Foundation gave Indiana a failing grade for the way it conducts background checks on people who wish to obtain firearms. In fact, Indiana maintains fewer automated records of felony convictions, mental disabilities,... (

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17 January 2002

Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

Gun-control groups are drawing a bead on Gov. Bill Owens call for a statewide standard for issuing concealed weapons permits, saying it will put more firearms in the wrong hands. Currently a police chief or sheriff can set his or her own criteria for issuing the permits. Some do so freely. In other jurisdictions, it's almost impossible to get a permit. Owens in his State of the State message to lawmakers last week urged them to pass statewide standards. Sen. Ken... (

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17 January 2002

Cumberland Times News (Maryland)

CRESAPTOWN — In 1983, at the age of 23, Larry Dicken got in a shoving match resulting from a property boundary dispute and was convicted of misdemeanor battery, as was the other party involved in the mutual confrontation. Because of that, 18 years later — in August of this past year — Maryland State Police came to Dicken's Louise Drive home and confiscated all 14 of his firearms. The firearms were confiscated by what state police call the Cease Fire Unit. "The... (

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17 January 2002

Associated Press

A state Department of Public Safety official is questioning a national advocacy group's report that gave Nevada an F for its background checks on people buying guns. Jeff Artz, the state agency's records and identification supervisor, said Thursday the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation report overlooks some key differences in the way states track gun sales. The foundation, based in Washington, D.C., gave Fs to 22 states. In Nevada's case, it said the state has... (

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