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Gun Policy News, 8 January 2002


8 January 2002

Indianapolis Star (Indiana), Editorial

Our position: A surprisingly large number of child handgun deaths are caused by other children. Children in the United States are more likely to die from an automobile crash or by drowning than gunshot. But there would be far fewer firearm deaths among youngsters if adults were more responsible gun owners. Carelessness with firearms can have fatal consequences, as it did in Indiana four years ago when a 3-year-old Indianapolis boy fatally shot himself after... (

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8 January 2002

Seattle Times, Editorial

It was easier to explain things when murder rates were going up. People could point to video games, violent and amoral television, to guns, to drugs, to permissiveness, to poverty, to demographics and the decline of civilized standards. But when the number of murders in Seattle falls to the lowest point in 25 years, as it did in 2001 — then what? It is certainly not an improvement in video games or television fare. It's not fewer guns. The late boom shrank the... (

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