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Gun Policy News, 24 August 2001


24 August 2001

Washington Times

The Washington, D.C.-based Violence Policy Center has filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting Montgomery County's decision to withhold funding from facilities that host gun shows. Gun-show promoter Frank Krasner is suing the county to stop the law from going into effect, arguing, among other points, that it violates commercial speech rights protected by the First Amendment. Similar cases have been won with similar arguments, and a federal judge last month issued... (

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24 August 2001

Daily Herald (Utah), Editorial

Not every Utah Republican is happy about Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to give the keynote address at Saturday's GOP convention. Some convention delegates are balking at the prohibition on concealed weapons in the convention hall when the vice president comes.The Secret Service requested the ban as part of its security measures. But the Utah Gun Owners Alliance says the ban flies in the face of Utah's concealed weapons law. They say the law allows them to carry... (

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24 August 2001

Legal Intelligencer (USA)

Just minutes after Bryan Midgette purchased bullets at a Wal-Mart store in Pottstown, Pa., on Aug. 30, 1999, he chased down his wife, Marsha, an employee of the store, and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. Now Marsha Midgette has filed suit against the Arizona-based Wal-Mart chain, claiming it could have prevented the attack by implementing a policy to protect its employees from spousal abuse. Attorney Louis Aurely III of... (

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États-Unis,Nations Unies

24 August 2001

Dawn (Karachi)

LAHORE — "It was mainly because of the United States that an agreement on supply of arms to non-state actors and possession of weapons could not be arrived at the United Nations conference held after three years of consultation", South Asia Partnership, Pakistan, executive director Muhammad Tehsin said on Friday. SAP, a member of the International Action Network Against Small Arms, a world forum of non-government organizations, was invited to the UN Conference on... (

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24 August 2001

Australian (Sydney)

High-powered guns are being routinely mailed from overseas in pieces and reassembled by Australian criminals, making a mockery of efforts to control firearms and limit violent crime.Police officers have been told to be on alert for hand guns that have been transformed into powerful machine pistols using imported parts that could be delivered through the regular mail system. A memo to NSW police officers warns that hand guns seized during a major investigation of... (

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24 August 2001

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Gov. Mike Leavitt weighed in on the state Republican convention gun-ban controversy Thursday, coming down on the side of assuring the security of Vice President Dick Cheney, the event's keynote speaker. "Common sense tells you there are times when you have the president and the vice president of the United States, that unusual security precautions should be taken," Leavitt said during his monthly KUED-TV news conference. The Secret Service-imposed ban on guns during... (

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24 August 2001

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

City, school and federal authorities yesterday announced a gun buyback program with a new twist. City and Pittsburgh school police, along with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, unveiled a program that will pay cash for anonymous tips leading to confiscation of illegal guns. Assistant Police Chief William Mullen said the new "Gun Stoppers" program will pay tipsters $25 to $100 for information on individuals carrying illegal guns. Those are guns... (

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