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Gun Policy News, 27 March 2001


27 March 2001

Dallas Morning News (Texas)

WASHINGTON — On a sun-dappled Sunday last May, hundreds of thousands of women forsook Mother's Day to crowd onto the National Mall in hopes of sending Congress a message: Pass gun-control legislation or risk a backlash at the ballot box. The Million Mom March and the creation of a new gun-safety group bankrolled by an Internet billionaire offered high promise for a gun-control movement regularly outmatched by the powerful National Rifle Association. Activists... (

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27 March 2001

Newsday (New York), Opinion

Once again high school shooting sprees have forced public officials to grope for explanations. In the Santana High School violence, near San Diego, what did it mean when a 15-year-old boy allegedly took a long-barrel revolver and 40 rounds of ammunition to school March 5 and proceeded to blast away at random, killing two people and injuring 13? To Secretary of Education Rod Paige, it is a sign of "alienation" among our teenaged population. To conservative Republicans,... (

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27 March 2001

Christian Science Monitor

LANDIKOTAL, Pakistan — In his tiny shop inside the Khyber Pass near the Afghan border, Shoaib Khan pulls out his bestseller: the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle. "Every man should have at least one gun of his own," he says, briefly interrupted as three shots ring out nearby: A customer at another shop is shooting a weapon into the air to test it. "Weapons are the jewelry of men," he smiles. "Women wear jewelry, men wear guns." Twelve years after the Soviet Union... (

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27 March 2001

Los Angeles Times, Editorial

Last week's commendable action by the Los Angeles City Council banning easily concealable handguns followed hard on the heels of a second high school blood bath near San Diego. That timing underscores not the futility of trying to prevent gun tragedies but the opposite — the urgent need for more action. Colorado's Columbine High School shooting in 1999, the most deadly and gruesome to date, gave rise to such ludicrous proposals from pro-gun extremists as allowing... (

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27 March 2001

Washington Post

An unprecedented effort to teach gun safety in all Maryland schools was shelved yesterday, in part because state lawmakers could not agree on the National Rifle Association's involvement in the program. The legislation, which was on track to pass the House of Delegates easily, was instead sent back to the Ways and Means Committee after lawmakers questioned whether the measure should require schools to incorporate the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" gun safety program along with... (

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27 March 2001

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — One 17-year-old looks forward to getting his first hunting revolver. Another says guns are too available. But they agree America's teens are not as prone to violence as the rash of school shootings might suggest. "They focus way too much on that," said Noelle Welson of Hot Springs, S.D., who favors less availability. "School kids are getting a very bad rap," said Andrew Salisbury of Easton, Mass., who looks forward to his 21st birthday, which brings... (

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