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Gun Policy News, 25 March 2001


25 March 2001

Denver Post (Colorado)

On Friday, people will be able to walk into the Rampart Range Sertoma Sportsman and Arms Show in Colorado Springs and buy a pistol or a rifle from unlicensed gun dealers without having their pasts probed. On Saturday, at the same show, a criminal background check will be required as Amendment 22, the popular initiative approved by voters in November, goes into effect. Now, only gun dealers with federal firearm licenses are required to conduct criminal background... (

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25 March 2001

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

AUSTIN — Legislation that put former Gov. George W. Bush at the crux of the gun-control issue after a Colorado school massacre two years ago is once again getting some Texans up in arms. The proposal, a major priority of gun-control advocates, would force unlicensed sellers at gun shows to run the same criminal-background checks on prospective buyers that licensed dealers do. "If other states can do it, I don't see why we can't," said state Rep. Juan Hinojosa,... (

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25 March 2001

Investor's Business Daily (USA)

California's government-which has demonstrated its obvious prowess as a regulator of energy-is searching for another vital product to regulate. The California Legislature launched hearings this week on the licensing of guns. California's would-be regulators might want to examine the experiences with gun licensing in places like Canada and Hawaii before they enact any ambitious and reckless new laws. Canadians are a law-abiding lot. But as of Jan. 1, millions suddenly... (

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