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Gun Policy News, 23 March 2001


23 March 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer

A federal appeals court yesterday unanimously upheld New Jersey's 11-year-old ban on military-style assault weapons. The opinion, written by U.S. Circuit Judge Jane R. Roth of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, rebuffed a claim by sportsmen that the law violated their constitutional right of association and exposed them to unforeseen criminal prosecution. The judge also said the New Jersey law was not improperly vague or too broad, as argued by the... (

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23 March 2001

Telegraph (UK)

People living in England and Wales are at greater risk of falling victim to crime than citizens of most other industrialised nations, according to a study published yesterday. The International Crime Victims Survey, based on 34,000 telephone interviews across 17 countries, found that 26 per cent of people — more than one in four — in England and Wales had been victims of crime in 1999. The figure for Scotland was 23 per cent and in Northern Ireland 15 per... (

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Afrique du Sud,Nations Unies

23 March 2001

Business Day (Johannesburg), Opinion

More than 500,000 people are killed, by accident or intent, every year across the world. It is estimated that about 300,000 of these people are killed with small arms. These deaths are only one part of the picture in the scourge of the illicit small arms trade. The violence and conflict fuelled by the illicit trafficking of these weapons impedes economic development, good governance and human rights. This is one of the reasons why government and non government... (

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