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Gun Policy News, 22 March 2001


22 March 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer

WASHINGTON — Armed with fake IDs, undercover congressional investigators sailed through mandatory background checks and bought guns from licensed dealers in five states, lawmakers were told yesterday. The background-check system can determine whether a potential gun buyer has a criminal history, but there is no safeguard to verify whether the name or identification being used by the buyer is valid, the General Accounting Office investigation found. As a result, the... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

22 March 2001

Dominion (Wellington)

Police have begun tracing an estimated 50,000 registered gun owners who have failed to apply for the 10-year firearms licences introduced in 1992. Police National Headquarters firearms licensing manager Inspector Joe Green said yesterday that stations around New Zealand were using computer systems to track the addresses of people who held the old "red book" licences, but had failed to upgrade to the new ones. He said data held by police indicated there were around... (

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22 March 2001

Los Angeles Times

Citing the deadly violence at Santana High School, the Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to ban the sale of small, easily concealed handguns and to require purchasers of other firearms to provide a thumbprint. Despite opposition from gun owners, the council voted 9 to 2 to ask the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would outlaw the sale in Los Angeles of so-called pocket rockets, handguns that are 6 3/4 inches long or less and 4½ inches high or... (

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22 March 2001

Union Leader and Sunday News (New Hampshire)

CONCORD — Lawmakers wasted little time in rejecting a sweeping gun control act yesterday. The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 17-1 to kill House Bill 736, the Consumer Protection Firearms Protection Act. The bill, which still faces action on the floor of the House, would require warning labels and tests by certified labs on all handguns, safety devices, such as trigger locks, on all weapons sold, set limits on sale of weapons and set 21 as the... (

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22 March 2001

Western Producer (Saskatoon)

Anti-gun law activists say they are not only going to continue fighting Bill C-68, but think they might soon win the war. "We're right on the cutting edge of beating this thing," said Greg Illerbrun, the president of the Recreational Firearms Community of Saskatchewan. "This is a watershed right here, right now." About 35 representatives of groups opposed to C-68 gathered in Saskatoon March 10 and 11 for the Western Canada Firearms summit. They vowed to keep... (

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