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Gun Policy News, 20 March 2001


20 March 2001

Sydney Morning Herald

NEW YORK — Doctors in the United States are preparing to add an unexpected new element to their traditional bedside manner by delivering discreet lectures to their patients on the risk of gun ownership. An ad hoc coalition representing about two-thirds of the country's practising doctors has recommended the move as concerns rise about the continuing incidents of gun violence in neighbourhoods and schools. The group, Doctors Against Handgun Injury, believes doctors... (

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20 March 2001

Courier-Mail (Brisbane) / AAP

The military rebellion in Papua New Guinea escalated yesterday when renegade soldiers from two more army barracks seized weapons and ammunition. Soldiers based outside Port Moresby in the Taurama and Goldie River Barracks joined the uprising started last week when 100 lower-rank soldiers took control of Murray Barracks, the defence force headquarters inside the capital. Local media said troops at Taurama Barracks had persuaded their commanders to issue them arms and... (

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