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Gun Policy News, 15 March 2001


15 March 2001

Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio)

A kid with a gun is bad. A kid with a BB gun that looks like a real gun may be even worse. Twice in the past two weeks, Akron police have responded to calls about juveniles with guns. Both times, police faced off with the youths thinking they had weapons loaded with bullets instead of BBs. The incidents ended peacefully, with the teens carted off to a juvenile detention center and their real-looking weapons confiscated. But police officials say both situations could... (

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15 March 2001

Chicago Tribune

SPRINGFIELD — Mayor Richard Daley's proposal to limit the number of handguns that people in Illinois can buy to one a month narrowly failed Wednesday in a House committee along with other gun control measures. Fewer than half of the gun control proposals Daley has pushed survived the House Judiciary Committee. Only three bills in Daley's plan were forwarded to the full House, including legislation to allow the state police to set up a database that would collect... (

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15 March 2001

Daily Telegraph (Sydney)

Police have uncovered an elaborate "gun run" with caches of weapons being moved from gun shops in Queensland to Sydney's streets via Victoria. At least two Queensland gun dealers have been identified as part of the scheme in which untraceable weapons are placed in the hands of crime gangs and criminals. The Daily Telegraph has learned: DOZENS of weapons imported from the United States and Europe have been disfigured and declared "deactivated"; THE deactivated hand... (

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15 March 2001

Arizona Republic

Restaurant owners are worried that, if Rep. Russell Pearce has his way, the person sitting next to you at your neighborhood eatery could be carrying a concealed weapon. The liquor industry, restaurateurs and gun-control advocates are lining up to block Pearce's idea to make it legal to carry a concealed weapon into restaurants that serve alcohol, saying beer and bullets don't mix. Backers say it's the right thing to do for law-abiding citizens who have permits for the... (

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15 March 2001

Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Last week, legislation was introduced at the Minnesota Legislature to make it easier to get a concealed weapon permit. This law, if passed, would allow most any citizen to easily get a permit to carry a hidden handgun. As one who has been shot with a handgun in a random violent assault, I feel called today to share my story, which demonstrates why this legislation is dangerous. Last Sept. 3, a beautiful summer evening in St. Paul, I was unloading groceries from my car... (

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15 March 2001

Times (UK)

At night the only sounds are of coyotes. Stolen bicycles and vandalised water sprinklers are major crimes. But the 318 residents of Virgin, Utah, have taken a lead in the gun debate. The town council has passed a local law requiring the head of every family to own a gun and ammunition. The law cites a need to provide for the safety, security and general welfare of Virgin residents, but the real enemy is seen as the gun-control lobby. Residents are afraid that one day... (

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15 March 2001

Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico)

Beth Robak sat in a classroom inside an Albuquerque gunshop one evening earlier this week with her very first handgun — a nickel-plated .38 Special — snug in its box on the table in front of her. "It's cute," the East Mountains resident said of the flashy, Western-style Cimarron Lightning revolver, which she got as a Mother's Day gift from her son. "I'm a rifle girl. This is the first handgun I've had." Robak, a small-business owner, says that if a proposed state... (

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15 March 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer

Amid the heart-breaking spate of gun violence from the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School to more recent school shootings in Williamsport, Pa., and in suburban San Diego, one question is repeated again and again: "What's a mother to do?" The Montgomery/Delaware County Million Mom March committee believes the answer is lobbying, rallying and otherwise pushing for tighter gun legislation. And they hope their ad campaign, which officially launches this week, will... (

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15 March 2001

Associated Press

NEWARK, N.J — The State Police has recalled hundreds of 9 mm guns recently issued to troopers after several of the weapons jammed or otherwise malfunctioned during training. "There were enough malfunctions during the transition that it raised serious concerns among the union members," said Chris Burgos, a leader of the troopers union. In one case, a screwdriver was needed to clear a jam, said State Troopers Fraternal Association President Ed Lennon. "The... (

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