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Gun Policy News, 13 March 2001


13 March 2001

Times (UK)

A marksman who shot and injured a man he claimed had been throwing bricks through his bedroom window was facing jail last night. Simon Jennings, 37, a biologist and Oxford graduate, claimed he had acted in self defence after being tormented by a local gang in Stafford for nearly a year. He became so scared that he slept with his loaded 9mm pistol under his pillow. But a jury at Stafford Crown Court rejected his defence and decided by a majority verdict that the former... (

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13 March 2001

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Opinion

WASHINGTON — The teenagers who survived the latest school shooting are blaming themselves for what happened. That is as it should be. They should bear the burden of our national disgrace-for not telling us what was coming. The blood of the two dead and the 13 wounded is not on our hands. We have provided security guards and the latest technology in gun detection. After the shooting stopped, we sent in legions of grief counselors and psychiatrists to comfort and... (

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13 March 2001

Kansas City Star (Missouri)

JEFFERSON CITY-The legislature's gun-rights advocates, who spent much of last year lying low, have roared back this year with at least seven bills to keep gun owners happy. Two of those proposals would prohibit the state or local governments from suing gun makers to recover the cost of dealing with gun violence, as the city of St. Louis has done. Five others would liberalize the state's ban on carrying concealed handguns. Gun-control supporters are especially angered... (

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13 March 2001

BBC News

Five years ago a gunman walked into a Scottish primary school and shot dead 16 children and their teacher. The massacre shocked the nation and led to tighter legislation on handguns in the UK. But the fifth anniversary of the shooting is marked on Tuesday, the father of one of the Dunblane children continues his efforts to highlight the ongoing impact of guns on families' lives around the world. Mick North, 53, lost his five-year-old daughter Sophie when gunman... (

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13 March 2001

Ananova (UK)

A charity is marking the fifth anniversary of the Dunblane massacre with a plea for more gun control. Christian Aid has written to Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, asking for greater international gun control. The organisation also wants Mr Cook to support a forthcoming United Nations conference on the Illicit Traffic in Small Arms. Five years ago a teacher and her 16 young pupils were murdered when a gunman opened fire in the Dunblane Primary School gym. No official... (

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13 March 2001


WASHINGTON — Faced with a less-sympathetic ear in the White House, America's main gun control group Tuesday announced a new initiative to persuade states to impose safety standards on the gun industry. Gun control advocates reject suggestions they are losing steam in their fight against guns at the federal level with the arrival of President George W. Bush, but say their battle is likely to focus more than ever on the state level. "We will probably be more active... (

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