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Gun Policy News, 1 March 2001


1 March 2001

Sydney Morning Herald

The Police Minister, Mr Whelan, said yesterday that he was worried about the large number of illegal firearms on the streets of Sydney but denied the city was in the grip of a crime wave. In the wake of a violent 24 hours across Sydney, the Opposition Leader, Mrs Chikarovski, had said there was "absolute war" on the city's streets, leaving residents fearing for their lives. "You can't go shopping in Marrickville nowadays because someone's likely to be shooting in the... (

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1 March 2001

Detroit Free Press

Macomb County, known as a gun permit-friendly place, stops accepting applications for new concealed weapon permits today. Residents who already applied need not worry; their paperwork got in under the gun. Bill Harding, chief of operation for the county prosecutor's office, promises new gun permit seekers that it's for their own good. The county Concealed Weapons Licensing Board, which meets twice a month, is booked on pending applications through June. In July, a... (

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1 March 2001

Philadelphia Inquirer

Mental health officials in the Pennsylvania suburbs say the state system that bars people with mental-health problems from buying guns has built-in delays that can allow them to buy guns anyway. Steven Kamal Youssef, 21, of Media, who was arrested Friday on firearms-violation charges, purchased an AR-15 assault rifle and two handguns the morning after being released from the psychiatric unit of an area hospital in January. He also built a stockpile of 8,000 rounds of... (

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1 March 2001

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

Justice Canada risks opening the gun registry to criminal manipulation by privatizing service delivery, says the head of the Alberta Federation of Police Associations. And city police Staff Sgt. Al Bohachyk said he also thinks the privatization push could convince Canada's cops to drop their endorsement of the gun registry this month. "At best, police support (for the registry) has been 50/50," he said yesterday. "With all the information that's been coming out... (

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1 March 2001

Savannah Morning News

FORSYTH — Closer cooperation between state and local police agencies has resulted in 40 investigations of violent felons attempting to buy guns. Gov. Roy Barnes announced those results Wednesday at a meeting with 400 prosecutors and law-enforcement officials receiving training on how the cooperation will work. As he outlined the program, the governor said he was thinking of victims like Sylvia Knighton, who survived a shotgun blast in 1993 by a convicted... (

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1 March 2001

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Come to Utah; you can carry. The Beehive State — already a pretty good draw for skiers and Red Rock revelers — should now attract law-abiding and leisurely tourists who like to pack heat on vacation, the sponsor of a concealed-carry reciprocity measure told lawmakers Wednesday. "I have relatives who won't visit because they have to leave their guns behind," said freshman Rep. Glenn Donnelson, R-North Ogden. "We shouldn't make people check their rights at the... (

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1 March 2001

USA Today - Society for Advancement of Education (USA) 129:2670:16-19

As Americans become sickened by one firearm tragedy after another, the momentum may be building for a shift inthe nation's approach to guns in the 21st century. While it is certainly true that the U.S. has had a tradition of gun ownership, much has changed since the days of the Wild West. This is the age of the Internet, instant global communications, medical marvels, genetic engineering, and other technological wonders that are transforming our lives. Citizens don't... (

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