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Gun Policy News, 6 January 2001


6 January 2001

Washington Post

YORK, Ontario — An estimated 400,000 Canadian gun owners theoretically became criminals this week when they failed to meet a tough new law's deadline to apply for licenses to own their firearms. After a last-minute rush last weekend, about 1.8 million of the country's estimated 2.2 million gun owners met the Dec. 31 deadline, government officials said. Those who did not could face stiff penalties, including a $2,000 fine and up to five years in prison, although it is... (

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6 January 2001

Montreal Gazette (Quebec)

The deadline to get a firearms license has come and gone, and it is the infrequent gun-users who are still scrambling, not the avid hunters and regular target shooters. Montreal's shooting clubs, hunting associations and firearms stores say applying for a license has been a struggle for gun-owners who rarely shoot. Because they do not keep close tabs on gun laws and because they are not tapped into the city's small network of shooters, many were left in the dark about... (

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6 January 2001

Denver Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

SAFE Colorado, the group that persuaded voters in November to close the gun-show loophole, now wants tougher laws on safe gun storage and seeks to raise the age for handgun ownership. The organization's leaders said Thursday they'll hold a news conference at the Capitol on Monday to outline plans for legislation to require safe storage of firearms and to raise the minimum age of handgun ownership from 18 to 21. Both proposals were killed in the legislature last... (

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6 January 2001


PORTSMOUTH — An armed 15-year-old boy, who broke into a Portsmouth home in June, is shot in the chest by the homeowner and chased off. In Norfolk, a 60-year-old man who has been mugged twice, comes home last summer and fatally shoots an intruder in his bathroom. Throughout the country, hundreds of law-abiding citizens are taking up arms, refusing to be victims. The number of Virginia residents with permits to carry concealed weapons is approaching 100,000. But is an... (

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