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Gun Policy News, 28 August 2000


28 August 2000

Boston Globe

In what has become a ritual during Linux conventions throughout the nation, dozens of computer programmers have been gathering to catch up with old friends, trade tips on the latest hacking techniques, and fire off a few rounds at the local shooting range. Their most recent meeting took place in Silicon Valley two weeks ago. The occasion was LinuxWorld in San Jose, a confab of 20,000 devotees of the Linux computer operating system. Call them Linux Libertarians. This... (

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28 August 2000

San Francisco Examiner, Editorial

With opponents like the NRA, prospects look fairly good for a state law to treat handgun owners like motorists THE NEXT STEP, says Steve Helsley, is "to say .you don't need a gun." Probably. "That's where the proponents want this to go," he said. A safe assumption. "They want it to be like Great Britain, where guns are confiscated." Hmmm. Never underestimate the ability of the National Rifle Association's official spokespersons, like Helsley, to make the case... (

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28 August 2000


POWELL, Tennessee — A Tennessee used car dealer who gave a free rifle to anyone who bought a car on Saturday says the daylong pro-gun campaign lifted his sales considerably. Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, who normally sells only four to five cars a month, said he sold three cars on what he called "Second Amendment Saturday,"-a reference to the U.S. Constitution's provision on bearing arms. "The day has gone fairly well," Lambert said. "Approximately 100 to 200 pro-gun rights... (

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