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Gun Policy News, 7 August 2000


7 August 2000

Daily Southtown (Chicago)

A new measure proposed last month by the Illinois State Crime Commission aims to take gun-toting felons off the streets. If it becomes Illinois law, the state would force federal courts to prosecute cases usually considered minor — cases generally relegated to state courts for trials and sentencing. The idea is to banish offenders from Illinois, sending them to tougher federal prisons for longer terms — but the notion that a state law can force cases into federal... (

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7 August 2000

Washington Post, Editorial

The National Rifle Association apparently is pleased with a new study that finds no evidence that the Brady handgun law has reduced gun deaths in America. The study, the NRA's James Jay Baker told The Post, shows that "schemes like the Brady waiting period have nothing to do with reducing criminal behavior." Coming, as it does, in the middle of an election year in which gun control is an issue, the study-published last week by the Journal of the American Medical... (

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7 August 2000

Boston Globe

MELBOURNE, Florida — Virginia Robertson is a great-grandmother who doesn't frighten easily, not with her fireball personality and her .38 pistol. "Everyone," Robertson said of this God-and-guns region of central Florida, "knows I have a gun." There is one thing that scares the 66-year-old, slightly built woman: that the government might take away her weapon. And that threat, so passionately and relentlessly invoked by the National Rifle Association, has turned the... (

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7 August 2000

New York Times

AUSTIN, Texas — One expectation of anyone running for governor of Texas is that he or she must grab a gun and shoot something. So in 1994, George W. Bush, then the Republican candidate for governor, borrowed a 20-gauge shotgun and invited a group of reporters on a dove hunt. In the dawn mist, Mr. Bush fired seven times, bagged a bird for the cameras, and then left to continue campaigning. But the dead bird turned out to be a killdeer, a protected species, and a photo... (

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7 August 2000


TOKYO — A gunfight that broke out when a group of armed men burst into the office of a right-wing organization in central Tokyo on Monday left two people dead and six wounded, several of them seriously. The attack appeared to have stemmed from a dispute between two rival groups over money, with one demanding that the other repay debts, Japanese media reports said. They said around 15 attackers armed with guns and knives stormed into the office of the rightist group... (

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