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Gun Policy News, 5 August 2000

Nouvelle Zélande

5 August 2000

Dominion (Wellington)

The Government is considering setting up an independent gun-licensing agency after National shot down its own attempts to fix troublesome gun laws yesterday. Hinting at expected changes to gun control, Police Minister George Hawkins said police could be relieved of gun registration, amid claims that 96% of guns in New Zealand are unregistered and unaccounted for. Police bosses have said that their existing firearms database can not be relied on and may contain... (

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5 August 2000

Associated Press

EUGENE — At least one sheriff is at odds with top law-enforcement officers in Oregon, saying he will not join them in endorsing a state initiative to require background checks at gun shows. Lane County Sheriff Jan Clements said he will probably vote against Measure 5 and will not be publicly active in the campaign because of his concerns that it won't curb violence and would expand record-keeping on rifle and shotgun purchasers. "I don't see anything in this act... (

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5 August 2000

Waco Tribune-Herald (Texas)

Dick Price has been around guns all his life. The World War II veteran, who turns 84 this week, fondly remembers the frequent hunting trips with his father and grandfather. When times were a little tougher, they hunted rabbits to put food on the table during the Depression. These days, Price is likely to have a .45-caliber pistol strapped to his hip and a 9mm semi-automatic in his truck. They are among his hefty collection of pistols, rifles and shotguns that he uses... (

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