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Gun Policy News, 14 February 2000


14 February 2000

Denver Post (Colorado)

Two Columbine High School students were found shot to death early today in a Subway sandwich shop just a few blocks from the school. The victims were identified as 16-year-old Stephanie Hart and 15-year-old Nicholas Kunselman. Authorities said Kunselman worked at the sandwich shop at 6768 W. Coal Mine Ave. Hart was his girlfriend. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Davis said authorities are looking for a young man who was seen leaving the shopping center area about the time... (

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14 February 2000

Denver Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

Some lawmakers today might try to revive the gun-show background-check bill when the House takes a final vote on 11 other firearms measures. The bill's sponsor said Sunday he isn't sure whether he plans to try to amend one of the 11 bills to include his gun-show proposal, which was killed in committee last week. Rep. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, said bills usually are not amended during the final vote, but he vowed to keep fighting to close what he sees as a loophole: people... (

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14 February 2000

USA Today

NEWINGTON, Connecticut — When gun owners crowd the Newington Gun Exchange during the weekend, the talk turns to the recent police raids on two homes in town. On both occasions, officers searched for and seized legally owned guns and ammunition, even though no one faced criminal charges. Under a new and controversial state law aimed at curbing gun violence, police can confiscate firearms based on nothing more than their belief the owner might be a danger to himself or... (

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14 February 2000

Wall Street Journal

CHICAGO — A Cook County, Ill., judge dismissed part of Chicago's lawsuit against the gun industry. In an oral ruling late Thursday, Circuit Judge Stephen Schiller dismissed the part of the city's suit alleging that the industry had been negligent in its distribution and sale of firearms. The judge told lawyers that the theory the city had employed-known as "negligent entrustment"-was available to private plaintiffs, not a government entity suing businesses. Judge... (

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14 February 2000


ISLAMABAD — The Federal Government of Pakistan is considering a major crackdown on illegal arms holders after mid-March to ensure safety of the masses and improve law and order situation, Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider said. A proposal to this effect is under consideration by the government to collect all kinds of illegal arms throughout the country, the minister told the local press after a function in Karachi on Sunday. He said that nobody would be spared as... (

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14 February 2000

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh), Editorial

Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it." The National Rifle Association may want to ponder that adage. For years its chief argument against new gun control legislation has been that new laws simply aren't needed. Better enforcement of existing firearms laws, the organization long has insisted, is the best way to keep weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Well, it appears the group will get what it argued for from the Clinton administration-and... (

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