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Gun Policy News, 9 February 2000


9 February 2000

Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) / Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — Saying they want consistency, House members voted yesterday to block cities from enacting their own gun laws. The measure, HB 2095, spells out that cities cannot have any law on the possession, transportation or use of guns that is different from what is allowed under state law. Proponents said law-abiding gun owners should not worry about running afoul of local gun regulations just because they drive from one community to another. But legislators, at the... (

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9 February 2000

Denver Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)

Have gun, will call, fax, phone, write, cajole, beg, threaten, plead, admonish or whatever else it takes to get Colorado's lawmakers to kill strict firearms legislation. Gun-rights activists stepped up their lobbying efforts this week against a gun show-related bill that a House committee will hear today and other firearms measures scheduled for debate on the House floor Friday. "I'm getting buried by letters and e-mails and I'm for gun rights," said Rep. Gary... (

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9 February 2000

Associated Press

MADISON, Wisconsin — Gun manufacturers and dealers who sell weapons used to injure or kill people would have some immunity from lawsuits under legislation passed Tuesday by the state Assembly. Under the bill, approved on a 75-21 vote, gun makers and dealers could not be sued by individuals or governments for gun violence unless the gun was defective or negligently sold. The legislation now goes to the state Senate, where its future is uncertain. The measure was... (

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