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Gun Policy News, 8 February 2000


8 February 2000

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia) / AP

When Sen. David Scott (D-Atlanta) talks about his proposal for keeping guns out of the hands of children, he emphasizes one point above all others-please, don't call it gun control. Call it that, he says, and the bill will never become law. Even with 21 fellow lawmakers backing him, Scott knows it won't be easy anyway. Not with the National Rifle Association opposing him. "Probably no state loves their guns more than Georgia and Texas," said Scott. "The NRA is a very... (

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8 February 2000

Los Angeles Times, Opinion

When your family and friends leave your home, how often do you say, 'Drive carefully?' And, how often do you say, 'Be careful; don't get shot?' Probably never. Yet the second warning is just as important because more Californians die each year from firearms than from traffic accidents. We worry about traffic; we worry about planes falling from the sky. Fresh in our minds are headlines and reports of the Alaska Airlines crash off our coast days ago. We are profoundly... (

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8 February 2000

Christian Science Monitor

TUCSON, Arizona — When this city's two daily newspapers recently banned classified ads for private gun sales, the response was fast and unforgiving. "Be a newspaper, not a police officer!" said one letter to the editor. Another called the policy hypocritical. "Since automobiles kill many more people than guns, are you also going to reject classified ads from individuals trying to sell their automobiles … ?" The Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen are not the... (

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8 February 2000

Denver Post (Colorado)

The National Rifle Association has declared political war on Gov. Bill Owens' proposal to require background checks at gun shows. The gun group has sent a letter to its 80,000 Colorado members, urging them to call their state representatives and senators and ask for a "no" vote on the bill. Given the clout the NRA enjoys with the GOP, the group's offensive will test Owens' ability to get his fellow Republicans to support his gun-control plan. Their support is crucial,... (

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8 February 2000

New York Post

The National Rifle Association really knows how to scare up new members. Literally. The NRA has a half-hour infomercial that's so hair-raising, I almost joined the organization after seeing it for the first time. Not only would I be helping to make America safe for the law-abiding, but I could also get a nifty free gift for buying a one-year membership for $25 — a replica of a silver bullet with NRA President Charlton Heston's autograph engraved on it. And I don't... (

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8 February 2000

Washington Post

RICHMOND, Virginia — Bills to ban firearms in schools died in the Virginia General Assembly today as gun-control advocates energized by the Columbine massacre lost out to the growing power of rural legislators devoted to gun rights. The bills, which would have closed several loopholes allowing guns on school grounds, could be revived in the state Senate, but their defeat in a House committee was so resounding that gun-control advocates have nearly given up hope of... (

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8 February 2000

Associated Press

RICHMOND, Virginia — Legislation to close loopholes that allow guns on school grounds has been sent into limbo along with a raft of other gun-control legislation. Three bills by Del. James H. Dillard II that would have ended exemptions in state law that, among other things, allow people to hunt on school property were carried over for study this year, possibly to be revisited in the 2001 session. Also passed over Monday by the House Militia and Police Committee were... (

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