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Gun Policy News, 18 January 2000


18 January 2000

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

LAS VEGAS — It would be easy to think the gun industry is in trouble. Faced with a rash of bad publicity, lawsuits filed by major cities and declining numbers of hunters, the industry gathered here this week to show it is healthy and even robust. The 22nd annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show opened a four-day run Monday, and business appeared to be booming. It's the 35th largest trade show in the United States. Using 465,000 square feet of exhibit... (

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18 January 2000

Nando Media

LAS VEGAS — James Maupin checked out the sight on a new Smith & Wesson handgun at the world's largest gun show Tuesday and offered his assessment on President Clinton's latest gun legislation proposal. "It means spending a lot more money on feel-good projects," said Maupin, owner of JDM Enterprises, a Green Valley, Calif., gun dealership. "This will solve no problems. It will just create a new bureaucracy and do nothing. It's nonsense." Clinton announced Tuesday... (

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18 January 2000

New York Times

WASHINGTON — The White House will ask Congress for $280 million in new spending to enforce existing gun control laws, a strategy intended to address one of the main complaints of those who oppose additional gun restrictions, administration officials said today. President Clinton plans to announce the spending proposal, which will be part of his 2001 budget, on Tuesday at an appearance in Boston. The spending, which is subject to Congressional approval, would be used... (

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18 January 2000

Washington Post

Preparing for a new round of skirmishes in Congress over gun control, President Clinton plans to announce a substantial increase in funding for enforcement of existing gun control laws today and will hail what administration officials described as a 25 percent increase in prosecutions for federal firearms law violations. Clinton will announce the $280 million initiative at a community center in Boston, the location of an aggressive federal, state and local law... (

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Afrique du Sud

18 January 2000

Business Day

JOHANNESBURG — Sub-Saharan Africa needs an integrated approach to fighting the proliferation of small arms, a new study suggests. Research by the Institute for Security Studies explores the ready availability and long shelf life of arms and ammunition in the region. Senior institute researcher Virginia Gamba says the long shelf life of small arms and ammunition has perpetuated the use of these weapons. Gamba says that in Mozambique alone, estimates of weapons... (

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18 January 2000

Deseret Morning News (Utah)

Heavy lobbying by gun rights advocates is causing Utah GOP lawmakers to pause a bit before they move forward with their "crime fighting" package. "I can't tell you how may calls, e-mails and contacts I've gotten," said House Majority Leader Kevin Garn, R-Layton, Tuesday morning. House leaders hoped to get some parts of the package passed this week, the first of the 2000 session. Now it will be next week or maybe longer, Garn said. A new Deseret News poll showed... (

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18 January 2000

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A former Indianapolis policeman who says he had a right to carry a gun even after pleading guilty to a domestic-violence crime lost a Supreme Court appeal today. The court, without comment, turned away Gerald Gillespie's constitutional challenge to a 1996 federal law that took away his gun and cost him his job. Today's action marks the second time in the past three months the nation's highest court has let Congress continue banning anyone-including... (

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18 January 2000


WASHINGTON — President Clinton will propose $280 million in new government spending to hire federal agents to track down gun-wielding criminals and prosecutors to put them behind bars, the White House said on Tuesday. Clinton is traveling to Boston, where local officials have cracked down on violent crime in recent years, to announce the proposal, which will be sent to the Republican-led Congress on Feb. 7 as part of his annual budget request. The plan includes... (

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