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Gun Policy News, 17 January 2000


17 January 2000

Wall Street Journal

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts — Sitting in his no-frills office here, Ed Shultz, chief executive of Smith & Wesson Corp., stretches his arms wide to explain the current litigation against the gun industry. "Over here," he says, tapping the conference table with his right hand, "I've got people who say any compromise leads to the end of all gun rights. Over here"-tapping his left hand-"I've got people who want guns to disappear." Tapping in the middle, he adds: "We're... (

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17 January 2000

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

At first glance it might seem that all is quiet on the gun control front in Utah's Legislature. Gov. Mike Leavitt, who last year unsuccessfully emergency legislative session on gun restrictions, has backed off and turned to other issues. A coalition of parents, educators and clergy trying to ban legally concealed weapons from schools and churches has shifted its battleground from the Capitol to the streets. They hope to use petitions to get the proposal on November's... (

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17 January 2000

Deseret Morning News (Utah)

By 2-to-1, Utahns say gun sales to people convicted of violent misdemeanors should be banned. Some 70 percent of residents support the idea of depriving convicted assailants drug dealers and others of gun-buying and possession rights, according to a new poll commissioned by The Salt Lake Tribune. The concept is contained in a bill expected to be debated in the current session of the Legislature. Instead of a lifetime ban on gun ownership rights, as is the case with... (

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