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Gun Policy News, 14 January 2000


14 January 2000

Recorder / Cal Law (California law journal)

SACRAMENTO — California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and state Sen. Don Perata, D-Alameda, went on the warpath against the National Rifle Association and other gun associations. The pair accused the gun lobby of waging a "campaign of misinformation" designed to pave the way for future lawsuits challenging proposed regulations that will enforce the state's newly beefed-up ban on assault weapons. The NRA and other gun representatives claim that the Department of... (

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14 January 2000

Dear Abby, Column

Dear Abby: I bought a gun because I travel long distances alone. I called the police to ask them the best way to travel with a gun without getting in trouble with the police. They instructed me to put the clip in the trunk of my car and the gun itself on the seat beside me. I was telling a friend about this and remarked that if I got into trouble, the gun would be useless. Her 14-year-old son spoke up and said, "No, there's a bullet still in the chamber even after the... (

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14 January 2000


SPRINGFIELD — The one-year school suspensions of two teenagers from Marshfield have brought new attention to Missouri's Safe Schools Act. As that case unfolded, many students and faculty found out, to their surprise, that a part of the act about weapons on school campuses applies only to students. The Marshfield School Board used the act as its basis for suspending the two high school seniors for having loaded guns in their trucks on the school's parking lot. But it... (

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