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Gun Policy News, 23 September 1999


23 September 1999

Philadelphia Inquirer

SAN BERNARDINO, California — When Marta Macias Brown announced last month that she would campaign for Congress as a gun-control candidate, and would paint her chief rival as a tool of the gun lobby, her staffers decided to focus heavily on working-mom voters, whom they nicknamed "women with lives." On occasion, Brown staffers would say aloud, "I wonder what the women with lives are thinking right now?" The answer became clear early yesterday, here in a working-class... (

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23 September 1999

San Francisco Examiner

In the past year, our country has been battered by gun violence. Last month's shootings at a Los Angeles daycare center are still etched in our minds, along with the haunting image of police officers gently leading little children to safety. "Where can we be safe?" we wondered. "Apparently, nowhere," came the answer this month. Last Tuesday, a man walked into the West Anaheim Medical Center and killed three hospital workers. The next day, a gunman walked into a... (

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23 September 1999

Los Angeles Times

Attorneys for what is billed as the nation's largest gun show filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday to stop a ban on the sale of firearms on county property, arguing that it infringes on their free speech. The Board of Supervisors passed the ban last month after a gunman killed a postal worker and fired into a day-care center in the San Fernando Valley. The ordinance targets the Great Western Show at the Pomona Fairplex, where hundreds of vendors sell antique guns, Civil... (

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