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Gun Policy News, 24 June 1999


24 June 1999

New York Times

In the first sign of the impact of the growing number of municipal lawsuits against the gun industry, a well-known manufacturer of handguns has filed for bankruptcy protection, raising concern among city officials across the country that other firearms companies may also use bankruptcy to try to avoid the suits. The bankruptcy filer, Davis Industries, one of a group of companies in suburban Los Angeles that are controlled by a single family and its friends, produces... (

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24 June 1999

Chicago Tribune

In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, gun control is on the front burner again. A tough gun bill was passed by the Senate last month, then watered down in the House and killed by gun-control proponents who found the amended version too weak. In upcoming congressional races and in the presidential campaign, Democrats are likely to make a major issue out of the National Rifle Association's influence over the GOP (Vice President Al Gore has already... (

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24 June 1999

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

Sometime in the mid-1970s, when Pierre Trudeau's Liberals were intent on gun controls — registration leading to the unadmitted but clearly intended eventual confiscation — I was on a TV panel with then-solicitor general Warren Allmand. While I adamantly opposed registration, he was for it (sincerely, I believe now but wasn't sure then, because his integrity and courage have since proven beyond dispute in defence of falsely extradited and wrongly convicted Leonard... (

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