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Gun Policy News, 13 June 1999


13 June 1999

Los Angeles Times, Editorial

An official of the National Rifle Assn. says the only effect of a proposal to limit gun sales to one per person each month would be to hurt gun collectors. What nonsense. California Assemblyman Wally Knox (D-Los Angeles) had it right when he said that his proposed one-a-month limit would dry up the source of guns for illegal peddlers of weapons on the streets. Knox's bill has passed the state Assembly and its first committee test in the Senate. It is one of a number of... (

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13 June 1999

New York Times

Brazil is expected to pass a bill within the next month outlawing the possession of guns, in response to school shootings in the U.S. and statistically high gun violence in Brazil, the New York Times reported. Opponents of the government-backed bill, including a small gun lobby, say it's unconstitutional, but supporters say it is a step toward reducing violence in Brazil, where estimates of the number of unregistered guns range as high as 20 million in a nation of 165... (

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