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Gun Policy News, 15 January 1999


15 January 1999

Chicago Tribune

The editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association was fired today because he published a research article about Americans' sexual attitudes to coincide with President Clinton's impeachment trial, sources close to the AMA said. Dr. George D. Lundberg, editor of JAMA for 17 years, confirmed he had been called at home this morning and fired by AMA Executive Vice President E. Ratcliffe Anderson Jr. "This is a really big story, especially when you find out... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

15 January 1999

Evening Post (Wellington) / NZPA

The Government's plan to have another six-month amnesty for gun owners who have not renewed their licences is the continuation of an extraordinarily lax attitude by police, gun policy researcher Philip Alpers says. A few well-publicised prosecutions would have far more impact than the amnesty, he said yesterday. About 60,000 gun owners who have failed to renew their licences are being given six months, from February 1 to July 31, to give up their firearms or relicense... (

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15 January 1999

Washington Post

The National Rifle Association is mounting a full-scale lobbying campaign in Congress and at least six key states with the aim of enacting legislation to quell a wave of lawsuits filed by city governments against gun manufacturers, a top association official said. After initially declining to use its massive clout in defense of the firearms industry, the NRA is placing the power of its 2.9 million members behind a new strategy aimed at counteracting the broadening... (

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15 January 1999

Join Together Online gun violence web site (Boston)

Now that more and more local and county governments are lining up to claim that gun manufacturers owe them some hefty compensation for the death and destruction caused by firearms, a new book by Violence Policy Center analyst Tom Diaz arrives on the market as a must read. "Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America" (The New Press), set for Jan. 30 distribution nationwide, takes a hard and comprehensive look at the domestic gun industry and reveals a trove of... (

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15 January 1999

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

Ottawa's gun registration program is nabbing people who are prohibited from owning them, Justice Minister Anne McLellan claimed Thursday. But McLellan also acknowledged there are "glitches" in the registration system that have led to an unexpected backlog that has angered gun owners and dealers. She says she has told her officials to fix it. The national police computer that is tied into the registration system has alerted officials to more than 100 cases, out of... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

15 January 1999

Press (Christchurch)

While Opposition parties and gun-user groups criticise plans for a national firearm relicensing amnesty, the Canterbury police say their trial local amnesty was a success. The police estimate 70,000 people who own guns have not come forward to relicense since gun laws changed in 1992. Earlier this week the police announced the six-month amnesty in a bid to encourage tens of thousands of gun owners to renew their firearms licences. The police estimate 70,000 people... (

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