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Gun Policy News, 5 January 1999


5 January 1999

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

The city of Atlanta will sue gun makers this year, in an attempt to hold them accountable for the havoc and expense created by shooting injuries and deaths, Mayor Bill Campbell said Monday. If the city moves forward with such a lawsuit, it would join a growing nationwide trend akin to the lawsuits against the tobacco industries that reaped millions in court settlements for state governments. "We think it's the same issue," Campbell said. "Just as the tobacco companies... (

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5 January 1999

Associated Press

Juan Antonio Samaranch, president of the International Olympic Committee, was given at least two Browning firearms by Salt Lake City's bid committee, a Browning official has confirmed. A shotgun and rifle, which together had a retail value of about $1,000, were delivered by Browning's Swiss distributor in May 1995 at the bid committee's request, said Rich Bauter, vice president of firearms marketing for Browning. He was quoted today in a copyright story in The Salt... (

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5 January 1999

Washington Post

For the past four years, a team of about 60 law firms from across the country has rented a suite of offices in downtown New Orleans and made it headquarters for the unprecedented legal assault against the tobacco industry. Last week the offices got a make-over for the launch of a new fight — this time against the gun industry. Cigarette files are being warehoused. Deploying the same tactics it brought to the tobacco wars, the legal collective known as the Castano... (

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5 January 1999

Telegraph (UK)

France will pay a heavy price this year for the traditional winter pastime of 1.6 million Frenchmen: shooting game, song-birds and all too frequently, each other. Thanks to the combined forces of the European Commission and French Greens, France faces a series of embarrassing fines next month unless it enforces a 20-year-old European law requiring French "chasseurs", or sportsmen, to put away their guns by the end of January so that migrating birds can fly home to... (

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5 January 1999

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

A 13-year-old girl shot to death while baby-sitting in a north side home New Year's morning was hit by rifle shots deliberately fired by a man trying to "scare" a woman who lived there, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday. The aunt for whom Cassandra Turnage was baby-sitting had cooperated with police in a shooting investigation last fall, implicating Jackie Lee Thomas, according to the complaint. Thomas knew the aunt had implicated him, and he told police... (

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5 January 1999


TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Honduran officials on Tuesday seized a massive illegal arms cache that the army had been storing on behalf of a Cuban-American arms dealer, officials said. Officials confiscated anti-aircraft missiles, explosives and tens of thousands of assault rifles that army officials said were being sold abroad legally under a 1985 contract with a private firm. But prosecutors called the arms depot a blatant violation of the law. "Having these arms is... (

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