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Gun Policy News, 29 December 1998


29 December 1998

States News Service

It's been nearly one month since new federal gun control measures went into effect … but most gun shop owners say sales are steady. Many thought their business would drop off when the new law went into affect … but most report sales have only dipped slightly, if at all. The new federal law means background checks on all people who want to buy guns … but Wisconsin has had such a law for sales of handguns since 1991. The new law expands the rules to all sorts of... (

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29 December 1998

Oregonian (Portland)

In the eyes of a boy half her age, Rachael Castillo-Pulse could turn ordinary life into a celebration. She decorated the back yard with balloons, built obstacle courses for him to run, read and re-read favorite stories aloud and lit up every family get-together with her rosy cheeks and dimpled smile. Rachael would have turned 13 on Monday, and her adoring cousin, Scotty Connelly, would have been at her side, helping burst the piata and gobble down the cake. But one... (

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29 December 1998

Join Together Online gun violence web site (Boston)

All realistic-looking toy guns would be banned in New York City under a bill introduced recently by the City Council, the New York Times reported Dec. 10. "These have been too many incidents of New Yorkers begin seriously injured or killed because toy guns were mistaken for real weapons," said Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields. In August, a 16-year-old Brooklyn youth was shot by police while riding his bicycle and carrying a water pistol that resembles a... (

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29 December 1998

Associated Press

TOMS RIVER, New Jersey — Police seized an arsenal of weapons and explosives including hand grenades and a bazooka from a home after a domestic dispute there Saturday. A bazooka, hand grenades, a 75 mm howitzer, rifles, pistols, and machine guns were seized from a home on the 800 block of Utah Drive after police were called there for a domestic dispute. Gregorio Malcervelli, 45, was charged with obstructing justice. His wife, Clara, 46, was charged with assaulting an... (

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