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Prévention de la violence armée, lois sur le contrôle des armes à feu et commerce des armes légères :

Gun Policy News, 19 November 1998


19 November 1998

San Antonio Express-News (Texas)

LAREDO — To stop U.S. citizens from accidentally landing in Mexican jails, the Texas Department of Transportation plans to line the Texas-Mexico border with signs warning travelers bringing weapons and bullets into Mexico is illegal, officials said Thursday. Some signs already have been posted in border cities, but the Texas Transportation Commission approved $600,000 to install 54 signs from Brownsville to El Paso, Transportation Department spokeswoman Phyllis... (

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19 November 1998

Investor's Business Daily (USA), Editorial

With Big Tobacco on its knees the next targets are gun makers. Two cities have filed anti-gun litigation in the last two weeks. Though their legal strategies are different, their goal is the same: gun control by other means. Chicago wants to squeeze $433 million from 38 gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers. The city's lawsuit, filed last Thursday. accuses the gun industry of posing a "public nuisance" by conspiring to place its wares into the hands of gangsters... (

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19 November 1998


LUSAKA — Zambian police have been ordered to clear all shops of toy guns and other gun imitations, The Post newspaper reported Thursday. The order was issued to Commissioner of Police Silas Ngangula by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Edwin Hatembo Wednesday. "You should find a piece of legislation to use to clear the streets and shop shelves in Lusaka of toy guns and other gun imitations," Hatembo told the police commissioner. The deputy minister added that his... (

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