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Gun Policy News, 28 October 1998


28 October 1998

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

Crime involving the use of guns is on the rise despite tougher laws — but gun control lobbyists maintain Australia is becoming a safer place. The number of robberies with guns jumped 39 per cent in 1997 to 2,183, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, while assaults involving guns rose 28 per cent to 806 and murders by 19 per cent to 75. Almost half of firearm killings in the seven years to 1997 involved weapons which are now prohibited or restricted... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

28 October 1998

Press (Christchurch)

Up to 25,000 illegally owned firearms in New Zealand have been originally stolen from legitimate owners, smuggled into the country, or have disappeared during registration changeovers, a survey shows. Canterbury University lecturer Greg Newbold has interviewed 51 prison inmates around New Zealand who had been convicted for an offence involving firearms to find out where criminals get their firearms. He said sawn-off shotguns were more likely to be used in about 4000... (

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