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Gun Policy News, 22 October 1998


22 October 1998

Los Angeles Times

HARTFORD, Connecticut — In his pudgy hands, engineer and business executive Steven Sliwa holds the design prototype of a special gun. When manufactured, it could fire 12 rounds in a few seconds, propel a bullet 1,400 feet per second — faster than the speed of sound — and use a laser-targeting device for pinpoint accuracy. What makes this gun special, though, is that it will not fire at all unless it is in the hands of Sliwa — or someone wearing his gold signet... (

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22 October 1998

New York Times

HARTFORD, Connecticut — The 9-millimeter semiautomatic looks like an ordinary pistol, evil and menacing to gun haters, strangely beautiful to gun fanciers. But this is no ordinary weapon; pull the trigger and nothing happens. Only when a shooter puts on a special wristband, containing a tiny radio transmitter, does a squeeze of the trigger make the hammer snap down hard, making the gun every bit the lethal weapon it appears to be. The pistol is a computerized "smart... (

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