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Gun Policy News, 1 October 1998


1 October 1998

New Haven Register (Connecticut)

HARTFORD — Trigger locks, sobriety requirements and revoked pistol permits for people in psychiatric wards became the law of the land in Connecticut today. New state laws aimed at increasing gun safety went into effect this morning and state police are working to get the word out. First, all handguns sold, both in retail and private transactions, must come equipped with a trigger lock, a device designed to prevent accidental discharge of a firearm, said Lt. Robert... (

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1 October 1998

Telegraph (UK)

Farmers who are known to be depressed should have access to guns restricted, according to says a survey published today. A study of suicides among men and women farmers found that nearly half had shot themselves, although men were more likely to select firearms than women. Prof Keith Hawton of the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, says that farmers have a higher risk of suicide than the general population, and believes that their access to guns and other... (

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1 October 1998

Blue Line Magazine (Canada)

Laws basic to the protection of safety and security and the protection of private property are overwhelmingly supported by society. Other laws, like motor vehicle legislation, are intended to regulate the everyday patterns of behavior. While not so intensely supported, regulatory laws command general respect and observance because they contribute to public safety and a well ordered society. The public does not want every violator of a regulatory law charged. Police... (

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1 October 1998


OSLO — Mali's President Alpha Oumar Konare on Wednesday urged an international drive to curb trade in small arms, saying they were a bigger threat to many nations than nuclear weapons. "I'd like to make an appeal to the international community to wage an unrelenting battle against this type of arms," he said at the start of a two-day conference of about 15 West African nations and 20 arms producing countries. He said West African heads of state would meet later this... (

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