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Prévention de la violence armée, lois sur le contrôle des armes à feu et commerce des armes légères :

Gun Policy News, 24 August 1998


24 August 1998

Sydney Morning Herald

Gun dealers who protect the biggest weapons arsenals are being denied the right to carry handguns to defend their caches. Dealers who buy weapons for police and anti-terrorist groups claim new gun laws have left them defenceless against organised criminals who they fear will target them because of the value of weapons on the black market. Police ministers decided in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre that personal or property protection were not valid reasons for... (

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24 August 1998

Associated Press

BOSTON — Just after midnight on Oct. 29, 1994, 28-year-old state trooper Catherine Galvin was found dead in her apartment in the city's South Boston section. Boston police told the reporters Galvin accidentally had shot herself while cleaning her gun. Foul play and suicide were ruled out, a department spokesman said. But a week later, the medical examiner's report told a different story: suicide. Galvin had deliberately shot herself in the head, the report... (

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24 August 1998

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

"With six people shot dead in Victoria in a grim week of violence, crackpot views on gun ownership no longer have a place here. Tolerance has expired on lunatic ideas. No one will snigger at rednecks who assert they have a right to defend themselves with firearms. No one will find amusement in the One Nation candidate's argument that there is a United Nations inspired conspiracy to disarm Australia. No one will accept with indifference the gun lobby's contention that... (

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