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Gun Policy News, 26 May 1998


26 May 1998

New York Times News Service / AP

Classmate Jake Ryker saw that Springfield, Ore., freshman Kip Kinkel's rifle had run out of bullets in the school cafeteria and, despite two bullet wounds, Jake jumped Kip and helped subdue him. That makes Jake a hero in anyone's book, and contributors to the Usenet newsgroup talk.politics.guns this week agreed. "Few people saw Mr. Ryker wearing his NRA hat at a press conference to talk about how his son Jake stopped the shooting in that lunchroom," a computer user... (

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Nations Unies

26 May 1998

Kyodo News

NEW YORK — U.N. disarmament experts opened a first meeting Tuesday to discuss how to reduce the number of small firearms, which cause the largest number of deaths and injuries in regional wars, Japanese representatives said. Diplomats from the five U.N. Security Council permanent members — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — Japan and several other countries are taking part in the four-day meeting. The participants will discuss three issues... (

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Nations Unies,Albanie

26 May 1998


UNITED NATIONS — A team of U.N. experts will visit Albania from June 1 to 5 to prepare a programme for retrieving illicit weapons held by civilians, a U.N. spokesman said on Tuesday. The team, being sent at the request of the Albanian authorities, will be headed by the under-secretary-general in charge of disarmament affairs, Jayantha Dhanapala of Sri Lanka, and will also include officials from the U.N. political and peace-keeping departments. Albania has been awash... (

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