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Gun Policy News, 21 May 1998


21 May 1998

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

A Cobb County state legislator wants to give Georgia's teachers the right to pack heat on campus — an idea that immediately met a volley of criticism from educators. Because weapons are banned on school grounds, "our children are sitting ducks," said state Rep. Mitchell Kaye, a Republican from Marietta. "These gun-free zones are an open invitation to criminals." The legislator said he will introduce legislation next January that would allow school personnel to carry... (

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21 May 1998

Ottawa Sun (Ontario)

The new gun registry is 40 per cent over budget with four months still to go before the program kicks in, the government admitted Wednesday. That has critics claiming the registry will be a money pit for taxpayers and police worrying that budgets for street cops will be cut to help pay for the program. Jean Valin, spokesperson for the new firearms centre, said the estimated one-time cost of setting up the universal registry of all firearms and owners in Canada has... (

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21 May 1998

St Petersburg Times (Florida)

As private arsenals go, it wasn't all that impressive. But in the hands of a man who spent most of his adult life hurtling toward tragedy, it was deadly mix. Two SKS semiautomatic rifles, one Russian and one Chinese, one heavily modified and one not, and a solid black shotgun commonly used for home and boat protection. On Tuesday morning, a crime-scene technician carried the unmodified SKS from Hank Earl Carr's apartment. It was believed to be the weapon that killed... (

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21 May 1998

Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD, Oregon — A student who had been expelled a day earlier for bringing a gun to class opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle in a high school cafeteria today, killing at least one person and critically wounding seven others. Seventeen others also were hurt. KOIN-TV reported that police were surrounding the boy's home and that he is also a suspect in the shooting of his parents. The shooting began just before 8 a.m., in the Thurston High School cafeteria... (

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