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Urrutia, Nicolas, Miguel Ortegoa, Gustavo Andrade and An Vranckx. 2009 ‘Conclusions.’ Arms Tracing: Perspectives on Control, Traffic and Use of Illegal Weapons in Colombia, p. 45. Bogotá: University of Ghent, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Fundación Ideas para la Paz (FIP). 1 November

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There is no doubt as to the lethality associated with small arms in Colombia: 3 out of 4 violent deaths in the country are the result of small arms use, and this share has remained stable even despite the sharp drop in homicide rates observed in recent years…

In this context, the Colombian State has developed a comparatively strict information and control system to oversee the production, purchase and use of legal small arms. These are estimated at nearly 1.3 million nationwide, and include those of the security forces as well as those in the hands of private citizens with special permits to keep and bear arms.

Despite their relatively large number, legal arms are estimated to account for a very small share of arms-related deaths…

By comparison, the Colombian State's ability to tackle the illegal arms market is far more limited. This is a cause of concern, as the illegal arms market is not only estimated to be 3 or 4 times larger than the legal market, but it is also the source of most arms-related violence…

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