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Grillot, Suzette R. 2003 ‘Elements of the Ukrainian SALW Control System: Legislative Basis.’ Small Arms Control in the Black Sea Region: A regional assessment of small arms control initiatives; Eurasia Series No. 2, p. 34. London: International Alert, Security and Peacebuilding Programme. 1 December

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Since 1996, the legal basis for the Ukraine small arms control system was formed by a series of 12 decrees, issued by the President and the Cabinet of Ministers addressing such elements as licensing bodies, controlled goods, interagency processes and enforcement. (188)

In February 2003, the Ukrainian Parliament passed the first comprehensive law on the control of sensitive exports, re-exports, imports, transits, and transhipments. (189) …

The State Service for Export Control housed at the Ministry of Economy is the centrepiece of Ukraine's arms control system … the State Service was granted independent status in 1996 and is responsible for all activities related to the movement of sensitive items into, out of, and through the Ukrainian territory. (190)

Sources cited:

188) The relevant Presidential decrees include the following: #423/97 of 13 May 1997; #117/98 of 13 February 1998; and #422/99 of 21 April 1999. The relevant Cabinet of Ministers decrees include: #838 of 8 June 1998; #920 of 27 May 1999; #1228 of 12 July 1999; #2042 of 4 November 1999; #473 of 10 March 2000; and #651 of 12 April 2000. Finally, the relevant provisions approved by the Cabinet of Ministers include: #1005 of 22 June 1996; #125 of 4 February 1997; and #1358 of 8 December 1997 …

189) Author's interviews with Ukrainian officials from the State Service for Export Control, Ukspetseksport, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kiev, Ukraine, February/March 2003. An English translation of the new law is not yet available, but the Ukrainian version is available from the author.

190) Author's interviews with officials from the State Service for Export Control, Kiev, Ukraine, February/March 2003.

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