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Turks & Caicos. 2009 ‘Owner to Describe All Firearms on His Declaration Before Obtaining Licence.’ Firearms Ordinance, Revised Edition of 2009; Chapter 18.09 (Section 6), pp. 8-9. Cockburn Town: Law Revision Commissioner. 31 August

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Owner to Describe All Firearms on His Declaration Before Obtaining Licence

6. (1) Every person who owns or keeps any firearm shall, upon applying for a licence to keep such firearm, make and sign a declaration in the Form A containing a full and correct description of each firearm owned or kept by him and the names or figures or other marks thereon by which each firearm may be readily identified; and the Commissioner of Police may at any time require any such firearm to be produced for his inspection.

(2) Every declaration so made shall be filed and registered at the police station at Grand Turk.

(3) Whether or not any firearm is already marked with such names or figures or in such manner that it may be readily identified, the Commissioner of Police may require the owner to produce the firearm and may thereupon cause it to be marked, either on the stock or barrel, with some permanent mark whereby it may afterwards be known and identified, but in such a manner as not to injure or disfigure the same; and such firearm, when duly marked and described on the owner's declaration to be registered as aforesaid, shall be delivered to the owner.

(4) A charge shall not be made by the Commissioner of Police for the marking in manner aforesaid of any firearm which is in the Islands immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance; but in respect of such marking of any firearm imported into the Islands after the commencement of this Ordinance a fee of ten cents shall be paid by the importer, on importation of the firearm.

(5) Any person required by the Commissioner of Police to produce a firearm for the purpose of being marked in manner aforesaid who fails to deliver such firearm to any police station within twenty-one days shall be guilty of an offence.

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