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Turks & Caicos. 2009 ‘Certificate of Fitness.’ Firearms Ordinance, Revised Edition of 2009; Chapter 18.09 (Section 10), pp. 10-11. Cockburn Town: Law Revision Commissioner. 31 August

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Certificate of Fitness

10. (1) A licence shall not be granted to any person unless he produces to the person issuing the licence a certificate from the Commissioner of Police that he is a fit and proper person to be granted such licence.

(2) A certificate in respect of the licence mentioned in the application may be granted by the Commissioner of Police in his discretion if he is satisfied that the applicant

(a) has attained the age of eighteen years;
(b) where he desires a licence to keep a firearm, has good reason for requiring a firearm;
(c) is a suitable person to have in his possession, or to carry and use a firearm without danger to the public safety or to the peace,

and if the applicant produces to him certificates from two Justices of the Peace that in their opinion the applicant is a fit and proper person to hold a licence under this Ordinance.

(3) Such certificate shall remain in force for three years from the date of issue but may at any time be cancelled by the Commissioner of Police if he thinks fit.

(4) Notice in writing of the cancellation of a certificate shall be given by the Commissioner of Police to the holder of such certificate who shall upon receipt of such notice surrender the certificate and the licence to the Commissioner of Police.

(5) Upon the cancellation of any such certificate the relevant licence issued to the person to whom such certificate relates shall cease to be of any force or effect.

(6) A certificate may be renewed from time to time and all the provisions of this section shall apply to a renewed certificate as they apply to the original certificate, save that a renewed certificate shall remain in force for two years from the date of renewal.

(7) An appeal shall lie to the Magistrate's Court against the refusal or cancellation of a certificate.

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