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Czech Republic. 2014 ‘Classification of Firearms and Ammunition.’ Act on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended; Part One, Title II (Section 3), pp. 3-4. Prague: Parliament and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. 1 July

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Section 3: Classification of Firearms and Ammunition

(1) For the purpose of this Act firearms and ammunition shall be classified as follows:

a) prohibited firearms, prohibited ammunition or prohibited accessories - category A (hereinafter referred to as 'category A firearms');1

b) firearms subject to authorisation - category B (hereinafter referred to as 'category B firearms');2

c) firearms subject to declaration - category C (hereinafter referred to as 'category C firearms');3 and

d) other firearms - category D (hereinafter referred to as 'category D firearms');4

e) ammunition for firearms of categories A through D which is not prohibited (hereinafter referred to as 'ammunition');

(2) Firearms included in categories A through D shall also mean the main parts of firearms which are or will make up the integral parts thereof.

(3) Should any doubt arise concerning the inclusion of a type of a firearm or ammunition in any respective category then the Czech Proof House for Firearms and Ammunition (Section 74 (6)) shall decide. The procedure to be taken by the Czech Proof House for Firearms and Ammunition, in order to include firearms or ammunition in the relevant category pursuant to paragraph 1 shall be stipulated by secondary legislation.

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