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Duquet, Nils and Maarten Van Alstein. 2012 ‘Estimated Gun Ownership Based on Surveys.’ Gun Ownership in Belgium; Section 3 (Tables 8, 9, 10), pp. 14-17. Brussels: Flemish Peace Institute. 19 September

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Estimated Gun Ownership Based on Surveys

[C]urrently there are about 409,000 registered active gun owners in Belgium, who together own approximately 740,000 registered guns…

Table 8: Gun ownership in households in Belgium (percentages), September 2010

Do you or a member of your household own a gun?
Yes: 5.1%…

Table 9: Percentage of households owning a gun by region, 2010

It is safe to say that the survey results, indicating that 5.1% of Belgian households own a gun (table 9), are an underestimate of real household ownership rates…

The combined results of both surveys for Belgium indicate that gun ownership in Belgium has significantly decreased over the last twenty years. In the early 1990s the percentage fluctuated around 16%, while by the middle of the first decade of the 21st century the rate had dropped to 11.4% and in 2010 to 5.1%…

Table 10: Evolution of the percentage of households which own a gun, 1989-2010

Period: Percentage of households owning a gun
1989: 16.5%
1992-1994: 15.6%
1999-2003: 11.4%
2004-2005: 11.4%
2010: 5.1%

Figures for 1989-2005: Dijk, van Kesteren & Smit (2007)
Figures for 2010: survey Flemish Peace Institute - TNS Dimarso…

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