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Gould, Chandre, Guy Lamb, Gregory Mthembu-Salter, Steven Nakana and Dennis Rubel. 2004 ‘Assessing the Extent of Civilian Ownership - Number of Registered Firearm Owners.’ Hide and Seek: Taking Account of Small Arms in Southern Africa; Chart 6.2, p. 197. Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies. 1 October

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With regard to the number of owners, the report to the Minister of Safety and Security recorded that, "…approximately 3.5 million of the above mentioned firearms [4 544 705 firearms registered at the Central Firearm Register] are licenced to approximately 2.4 million individuals. The remainder are licenced to legal persons such as security companies, state departments, dealers, etc"…(196)

Chart 6.2 shows the number of firearms licenced to civilians between 1994 and 2002…

Chart 6.2: Number of Civilian Firearm Licences Issued Per Annum
1994 - 2002(198)

Year: Number of Civilian Firearm Licences
1994: 242 911
1995: 154 727
1996: 199 365
1997: 200 059
1998: 179 523
1999: 187 284
2000: 131 489
2001: 161 518


196) Report to the Minister of Safety and Security: Proposed Ministerial Policy on the Control of Firearms in South Africa September 1999, p7.

198) Based on figures provided by the Central Firearm Register. At the time of writing, figures for 2003 were available only up to the end of March, the CFR reported that between January and March 2003, 27 126 firearm licences were issued.

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