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Queensland. 2014 ‘Number of [firearm] Licences in Queensland, 2010-2013.’ Queensland Police Service; Table 3, p. 2. Brisbane: Queensland Police Service. 3 April

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Number of Individual [firearm] Licence Holders (excluding police, military and dealers), 2010-2013

Number of Licences in Queensland as at 12 July 2013
Grand Total: 159,417

Number of Licences in Queensland as at 9 July 2012
Grand Total: 156,557

Number of Licences in Queensland as at 4 July 2011
Grand Total: 155,754

Number of Licences in Queensland as at 2 July 2010
Grand Total: 150,994


This data are not official Queensland Police Service data as it may be outside the bounds of what are published in official Service documents.

This data is preliminary and may be subject to change.

This data should be regarded as estimates only, caution should be taken in interpretation.

These figures for number of licences include all licences, permit or approvals issued. Multiple licences may be issued to one person.

The figures provided for the number of firearms does not includes those registered to the Queensland Police Service and other Government Departments. The data does not include information about weapons held by the Australian Defence Forces.

ID: Q8457

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