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State of Pennsylvania. 2013 ‘Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes and Constitution of Pennsylvania 1968.’ Pennsylvania General Assembly. Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania General Assembly. 16 October

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Guiding gun control legislation in Pennsylvania includes:

- Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes

Title 18: Crimes and Offenses
Part II: Definition of Specific Offenses
Article G: Miscellaneous Offenses

Chapter 61: Firearms and Other Dangerous Articles
Subchapter A: Uniform Firearms Act
Sections: 6101 to 6127

Subchapter B: Firearms Generally
Sections: 6141 to 6142

Subchapter D: Straw Purchase Prevention Education Program
Sections: 6181 to 6187

Chapter 63: Minors
Sections: 6302 to 6304

- Constitution of Pennsylvania 1968

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