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Pitcairn. 2003 ‘Weapons Subject to General Prohibition.’ Local Government (Firearms Control) Regulations; Section 8 (Part II). Pitcairn: Island Council of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands. 28 March

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Weapons Subject to General Prohibition

Section 8

(1) Subject to the provisions of regulation 4, a person shall be guilty of an offence if, without the permission in writing of the Governor, he or she has in his or her possession or acquires, manufactures, sells or transfers --
(a) any firearm which either has a barrel less than 30 centimetres in length or is less than 60 centimetres overall, other than an air pistol, a muzzle-loading gun or a firearm designed as signalling apparatus;
(b) any firearm which is so designed or adapted that two or more missiles can be successively discharged without repeated pressure on the trigger;
(c) any self-loading or pump action rifle other than one which is chambered for .22 rim-fire cartridges;
(d) any self-loading or pump-action smooth-bore gun which is not an air weapon or chambered for .22 rim-fire cartridges and either has a barrel less than 24 inches in length or (excluding any detachable, folding, retractable or other movable butt-stock) is less than 40 inches in length overall;
(e) any smooth-bore revolver gun other than one which is chambered for 9mm rim-fire cartridges or loaded at the muzzle end of each chamber;
(f) any rocket launcher or any mortar for projecting a stabilised missile other than a launcher or mortar designed for line-throwing or pyrotechnic purposes or as a signalling apparatus;…
(h) any cartridge with a bullet designed to explode on or immediately before impact, any ammunition containing or designed or adapted to contain any noxious thing as is mentioned in paragraph (g) and, if capable of being used with a firearm of any description, any grenade, bomb (or other like missile), or rocket or shell designed to explode as aforesaid.

(2) The weapons and ammunition specified in sub-regulation (1) are referred to in these Regulations as "prohibited weapons" and "prohibited ammunition" respectively.

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