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Northern Ireland. 2005 ‘Import and Export of Firearms (Regulation of Firearm Exports).’ Guidance on Northern Ireland Firearms Controls 2005; Sections 12-15, 26-29 (Appendix 5), pp. 108, 110-111. Belfast: Northern Ireland Assembly. 1 February

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Exports to Other EU States

12. Export licences (open or specific) are issued by DTI. An open licence, valid for 3 years, can only be granted to a firearms dealer, allowing him to transfer firearms to dealers in other member States without needing a specific licence for each consignment. If the firearms are of a type for which the receiving member State has indicated that its prior consent is required, this must be obtained before they are transferred and also before a specific licence can be issued. The open licence can only be used where both parties to the transaction are firearms dealers. Where a specific licence is issued it must accompany the consignment at all times. Consignments made under open licence must be accompanied by a document (EC5) giving details of the licence, the transferee and the firearms.

13. Any visitor who wishes to purchase a firearm in Northern Ireland to take back to another member State must obtain a transfer licence prior to the transaction (assuming that the exceptions in the Export of Goods, Transfer of Technology and Provision of Technical Assistance (Control) Order 2003 do not apply). Article 7 authority will also be required.

14. Particularly valuable firearms over 50 years old will often require an individual export licence to travel to any destination (both EU and non-EU States). The criteria are set out below. Less valuable firearms over 50 years old can be moved under the terms of an open licence. Firearms that always require an individual export licence are those -

(a) between 50 and 100 years old that are valued at less than £65,000;
(b) over 100 years old that are valued at less than £35,000.

15. Applications for individual export licences for these older firearms are considered by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (see Appendix 1). If a firearm has been imported into Northern Ireland in the last 50 years and proof of this is included with the export licence application, the licence is normally granted. All export licence applications for firearms, which have not been imported into Northern Ireland in the last 50 years, are referred to an Expert Adviser who would then consider the application under the "Waverley Criteria", before deciding whether a licence should be granted. If the application meets one or more of the "Waverley Criteria", there will be an objection to a licence and it will be referred to the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art…

Exports to non-EU States

26. Firearms (including component parts) and ammunition are subject to export control and in general require a licence for export to any destination.

27. A holder of a valid firearm certificate or a visitor's firearm permit may take abroad with him, or have sent, as part of his personal effects, without an export licence, any firearms or related ammunition entered on the certificate, if the certificate or permit is presented by him, or his duly authorised agent, with the firearms and ammunition to the officer of the Customs and Excise at the place of exportation. The exception also includes telescopic sights.

28. From time to time this exemption will not apply to firearms consigned to certain destinations. Further details may be obtained from DTI prior to export.

29. Applications for export licences must be made to DTI on the appropriate form and must be accompanied by the applicant's firearm certificate or, in the case of a firearms dealer, a copy of his dealer's certificate or Secretary of State's authorisation only if appropriate. See also paragraphs 14 and 15 about the export of valuable, older firearms.

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