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Northern Ireland. 2004 ‘Article 19: Issue of European Firearms Pass.’ Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004; Part II, pp. 13-14. Belfast: Northern Ireland Assembly. 10 March

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Issue of European Firearms Pass

19.—(1) Where a person who resides in Northern Ireland is granted, or is the holder of, a firearm certificate, he shall be entitled to be issued by the Chief Constable with a European firearms pass.

(2) A European firearms pass is a document —

(a) to which a person is entitled under paragraph (1); and

(b) which contains the particulars required by paragraph (3).

(3) The particulars required by this paragraph are —

(a) particulars identifying the person to whom the pass is issued;

(b) particulars identifying every firearm which —
(i) that person has applied to have included in a European firearms pass; and
(ii) is a firearm in relation to which a firearm certificate granted to that person is in force;

(c) a statement in relation to every firearm identified in the pass as to the category into which it falls for the purposes of Annex I to the European weapons directive;

(d) the date of the issue of the pass and the period from its issue for which the pass is to be valid;

(e) the statements required by paragraph (f) of Annex II to that directive (statements as to travel in the member States with the firearms identified in the pass).

(4) A European firearms pass shall contain space for the making of entries by persons authorised to so do under the law of any member State.

(5) A person may make an application under paragraph (1) —

(a) at the same time as an application for a firearm certificate which will entitle him to the issue of the pass; or

(b) subsequently while the firearm certificate is in force.

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