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South Sudan. 2008 ‘Section 8: Functions and Duties of the Bureau.’ Draft Mandate of the Southern Sudan Bureau for Community Security and Small Arms Control; Chapter II, pp. 4-5. Juba: Government of Southern Sudan. 1 January

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Section 8: Functions and Duties of the Bureau

(1) The function and duties of the Bureau at the Government of Southern Sudan level shall include:

(a) Design a Community Security and Small Arms Control Programmes (CSSACP) that will include a range of complementary interventions, including small arms control, development and rule of law, that together aim to improve community security…

(c) Coordinate, monitor and report on the implementation of the regional and international small arms control agreements within Southern Sudan.

(d) Lead the development and review Southern Sudan's Small Arms Control Policy and Legislation, in coordination with concerned GoSS Ministries and stakeholders…

(h) Encourage coordination and integration of CSSAC Policy and Planning with other relevant security, peace-building, and development policies and programmes.

(i) Coordinate and collaborate with concerned GoSS ministries, commissions, law enforcement agencies, State and local government, and partners to support their actions to implement CSSAC Policies…

(k) Coordinate the review and development of stockpile management policies, plans and procedures, in collaboration with the SPLA and law enforcement agencies.

(l) Develop public information strategies and sensitization campaigns on CSSAC activities to raise awareness of GoSS policies, laws and plans and to promote change in public attitudes towards small arms…

(2) The functions and duties of the Bureau at the State and Couny Level shall include:

(a) Facilitate the participation of civil society, community and other stakeholders in the development and implementation of State/County CSSAC Plans.

(b) Coordinate and support State and local government, law enforcement agencies, and partners to implement Southern Sudan's Small Arms Control Policy and Legislation…

(3) The functions, duties and vested powers of the Bureau at the National, Regional and International level shall include:

(a) Coordinate, with and represent Southern Sudan in the activities of the Sudan National Focal Point, National Focal Point in other countries, and the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA)…

(c) Report to relevant national, regional and international bodies on Southern Sudan's progress in addressing CSSAC issues and implementing regional and international small arms control agreements.

(4) The Bureau may engage in such other functions and exercise such other powers as conferred upon it by the provisions of the ICSS, the presidency, the provisions of this Mandate, and/or any other law.

[GoSS = Government of Southern Sudan; ICSS = Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan]

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