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Florquin, Nicolas, Dauren Aben and Takhmina Karimova. 2012 ‘Control Measures: National Legislation.’ Blue Skies and Dark Clouds: Kazakhstan and Small Arms; Occasional Paper No. 29, pp. 22-26. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1 May

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National Legislation

Kazakh legislation explicitly prohibits civilian possession of short-barrelled shotguns(30); firearms designed for automatic fire; firearms disguised as other objects; cartridges with armour-piercing, incendiary, or percussion bullets, as well as hollow-point ammunition(31); and weapons and cartridges that do not meet safety requirements (RoK, 1998, art. 7)(32).

While the above suggests that civilian possession of automatic rifles is prohibited, it is not clear whether semiautomatic firearms are allowed for civilian ownership, although such weapons can be seen in the country's gun shops(33).

Firearms held by collectors must be deactivated (RoK, 2000a, r. 47). A weapon holder's licence may be revoked if he or she modifies or converts small arms (RoK, 1998, art. 19).

Sources cited:

30) The law defines short-barrelled shotguns as long-bore firearms of barrel length inferior to 500 mm and with a total length inferior to 800 mm, as well as long-bore firearms that can be modified to a length inferior to 800 mm.

31) The law defines hollow-point ammunition as bullets with a displaced centre of gravity.

32) The law also prohibits 'weapons and ammunition that are incompatible with the requirements of forensics', although it does not specify what this means in practice (RoK, 1998, art. 7).

33) Authors' observation, Almaty, September 2010.

RoK (Republic of Kazakhstan). 1998. Law No. 339 on State Control over Circulation of Certain Type of Weapons. Assented to 30 December.

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