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St Vincent & Grenadines. 1995 ‘Section 33 - Custody of Firearms.’ Act No. 12 of 1995, Chapter 386, Firearms Act; Chapter 386, Part VII, p. 17. Kingstown: House of Assembly of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. 17 October

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33. Custody of Firearms

[1. The holder of a Firearm User's Licence who is about to leave Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is not taking the firearm or ammunition specified in that licence with him shall:

a) arrange for storage of the firearm or ammunition in a place and under conditions approved by the Commissioner; or

b) deliver the firearm or ammunition to:

(i) the holder of a Firearm Dealer's Licence;
(ii) the holder of a Firearm User's Licence in respect of a firearm or ammunition of the type and calibre of the firearm or ammuntion together with the licence; or
(iii) the nearest police station for safekeeping;

Provided that, in the case of paragraph b), the holder of the licence shall inform the Board in writing of the place where the firearm or ammunition has been stored.]

2 A firearm or ammunition received at a police station under this section shall:

a) be delivered to any person who produces a Firearm User's Licence in respect of such firearm or ammunition;

b) incur, if the firearm or ammunition is unclaimed within twelve months of its delivery under paragraph a), a storage fee at such rate as may be prescribed, and if the fee is unpaid at the end of six months be forfeited to the Crown:

Provided that the owner may claim such firearm or ammunition within six months of forfeiture on payment of the storage fee if he can show reasonable cause for the delay.

[Editor's Note: bracketed text was altered by the Firearms Amendment Act 2010.]

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