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Berman, Eric. 2011 ‘Small Arms Transfers: Importing States.’ Weapons and Markets; Research Note No. 12, p. 1. Geneva: Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. 11 November

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Small Arms Transfers: Importing States

Since 2001 at least 15 countries have imported more than USD 100 million worth of small arms in a single calendar year.

Analysis of the 2001–08 period indicates that the United States is the country with the largest recorded yearly imports, having received more than USD 1 billion in small arms in both 2007 and 2008 (Small Arms Survey, 2010, online annexe 1.2; 2011a, online annexe 1.2).

Canada, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom have also routinely imported more than USD 100 million in small arms a year during the period 2001–08. However, imports by the United States average more than the combined averages of these five states.

Analysis of Customs data suggests that nine other countries - Australia, Cyprus, Egypt, Japan, the Netherlands, Pakistan, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey - have imported USD 100 million or more in small arms in a calendar year since 2001, but not routinely.

Besides the 15 countries mentioned above, 66 additional countries have imported small arms valued at USD 10 million or more in a calendar year since 2001 (see Table 1).

Of note is that these importers (81) far outnumber states (49) believed to have exported USD 10 million in small arms in a calendar year since 2001.

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Table 1 Importers of small arms, 2001–08 (estimated annual average value)

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